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25 Litre Polycan Tap

Plastic 25 Litre Tap for Polycans with Trisure threads.

Versatile Polyethylene Dispenser Tap for 20 and 25 litre polycans

* Container not included. Images for illustrative purposes only.

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Polycan Tap for 20 & 25 Litres


  • Trisure 58mm
  • Polyethylene

Our 25 litre polycan taps are a simple and cost effective way of decanting light to medium viscous fluids. This tap fits the Trisure opening on (56mm) opening on 20 and 25 litre polycans.

Polyethylene construction gives excellent resistance to acids, alkali's and organic solvents.

Fits most locally (South African) moulded polycans from action plastics, karob plastics, nampak, twenty5, polyoak and others with 58mm openings

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