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Scrubbing Brush by Tinta - HACCP

Long Handle Scrubbing Brush for Hygiene Senstitive Cleaning

Commercial Grade Cleaning and Scrubbing Brushes

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Tinta Long Handle, Hard Bristle Scrubbing Brushes


  • Colour coded for HACCP compliant cleaning
  • Hard Bristle
  • Long Handle
  • Commercial grade and long lasting


Long handle scrubbing brush by Tinta has an ergonomically designed long handle for those hard to reach places. Recognised as one of the best hand cleaning brushes for both commercial and residential use.

The high quality, hard and long lasting bristles make it the perfect cleaning brush to attack those difficult spots, and is amazing as a tile scrubber, floor cleaning brush, shower brush and brilliant for the gas braai

The scrubbing brush that finally allows you to get into those shower corners, under counters and grouting of tiles

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