Hand Drum Pumps for 25 Litre, 60 Litre and 200 Litre Drums and IBC Flowbins (1000 Litre)

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Condiment and sauce dispensing pump

Easily dispense liquids for use in your establishment.

Ideal for use in your restaurant, refillery shop, catering business, dining hall, and fast food outlet. Can be used for a variety of food prep processes.

* Container not included. Images for illustrative purposes only.
Verticl lift condiment pump with adjustable output.

Perfectly curved spout for ease of filling small containers

Recommended for:


Cooking oils


Cleaning chemicals


Mild acids


Do NOT use with:


Harsh solvents

Strong acids

Condiment Dispenser Pump

Recommended for:

Use it with large buckets of condiments, cooking sauces, and other liquids for easy dispensing.


  • Fits pails, 20 and 25 litre containers
  • Polypropylene and ethylene
  • Maximum Viscosity: 4000 SSU
  • Output: Adjustable output (120ml, 240ml, 350ml, 460ml)
  • Discharge spout rotates 360 degrees

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