Hand Drum Pumps for 25 Litre, 60 Litre and 200 Litre Drums and IBC Flowbins (1000 Litre)

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Rotary Pump for Aggressive Chemicals

High Resistance Fluoropolymer Pump for Strong Solvents, Acids, Alkali's

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Recommended for:


Solvents and Hydrocarbons Ketones Detergents Alkali's Acids and Oxidising Acids Petrol Diesel Oil
Do NOT use with:


High Resistance Chemical Rotary Pump


Recommended for:

Designed for pumping aggressive, low viscosity chemicals and fluids. Resists Esters, Ketones, Aliphatics and Aromatics, Hydrocarbons, Acids and Fuels

Made from light weight, rust resistance and good abrasion resistance materials.


  • Designed for 25, 100 and 200 Litre drums and barrels
  • Constructed of PPS housing & shaft, Teflon vanes and 316 grade Stainless Steel Spout
  • Outlet can be freely rotated from 0 - 360 degrees
  • Reversible rotary action - 35 liters per minute - 2" barrel adapter - Two pieces outlet spout threaded 3/4" BSP at ends
  • Maximum Viscosity: 2000SSU
  • Output: Approximately 300ml per rotation
  • Dry weight: 2.2kg
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