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1 Litre Topup Pump for Oils, Brake & Transmission Fluids

Suited for all Engine & Transmission Oils, & Brake Fluids

For Accurately Dispensing a Range of Fluids in Tough to Reach Places

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Recommended for:


Do NOT use with:



A handy little pump for accurately topping up difficult to reach points in motor vehicles, lawn mowers, chain saws, outboards, two stroke motors, and other garage and home jobs

Recommended for:

Oils, Transmission Fluid, Brake Fluid, Non-flammable & Non-Corrosive Fluids from Light to Medium Viscosity


  • Aluminium, Steel and PVC
  • 10 ml per stroke
  • Nozzle drain back holder
  • 500 mm long PVC hose and spout
  • Piston - Spring Operated

Do not use:

Corrosive Chemicals, Strong Solvents, or any Fluids with a viscosity greater than 2000 SSU (similar to SAE 30 Motor Oil)

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