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DIN60x6 IBC Adapter Coupling to 1" Hose tail

Female IBC Adapter (Din60x6) to 1" hose barb

Easily gravity feed fluids with this IBC coupling adapter

* Container not included. Images for illustrative purposes only.

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IBC/Flowbin Hosetail Adapter

Made of reinforced Polypropylene

Connects directly onto the outer thread on the valve of tanks with diameter of 60mm.

1" 25mm ribbed hose barb for connecting flexible tubing for ease of emptying 1000 litre tanks and totes. Can be coupled with nozzle kit and clamps.

Female BSP thread


  • S60x6 female buttress
  • 1 Inch (25mm) hose barb
  • Manufactured from reinforced polypropylene
  • Supplied with LDPE gasket
  • 70°C maximum temperature

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