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Ezi-action Pumps are FDA Approved

Ezi-action drum pumps are proudly FDA approved

Ezi-action drum pumps are one of the worlds only Food Grade Certified manually operated drum pump. This means that the pumps are extremely popular in the food and drink industries.

Newer industries such as the micro beer and wine breweries, health supplement foods such as Moringa Oleifera, the E-cigarrette industry as well as all non-alcoholic beverages such as Kombucha and herbs and spices.

The uptake of these new markets and entrepreneurs with artisan foods which include probiotic drinks, honey, tinctures and the shift towards more natural remedies has given rise to new levels of demand for our pumps. Capable of dispensing high viscosity mediums such as propylene glycol and honey effortlessly. Read our article on What viscosity can be pumped?

Some of our customers who need to adhere to FDA certification's and love using our pumps are - Moringa World, Cape Aloe SA, GWK Farm Foods

What makes our pumps FDA approved is the materials of construction. The Polyethylene and Polypropylene body and seals ensures the pumps are 100% food and drink safe. Combined with the fact that the pump is easily cleaned during a regular operating cycle or when transferred to a different medium.

The pump can be flushed with a basic cleaning chemical or sanitiser, it can then be flushed out with water to eliminate any possible residue from the cleaning material.

When pumping food and drink mediums with an Ezi-action pump, you can ensure zero spillage and wastage while increasing your operating efficiency and safety.

It is also very important to not contaminate between food mediums and substrates, identification is important and therefore we have the option of customising each pump. This is done by offering different coloured safety straps. Please read more about our accessories here