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Ezi-action Pumps have become the pump of choice for dispensing vape juice

Increasing usage of Ezi-action Drum pumps in the E-juice and Vape industry

The rise of the vape and electronic (e-cigarette) has caused a shift in demand from traditional tobacco cigarettes.

While being a substitute for cigarettes, vaping is a little more involving than just purchasing a box of your favourite blend.

As the flavours available to vape are beyond creative. It is not only expensive but has shown an influx of hundreds of brands into the market.

It is fairly easy to develop your own flavoured juice. A vape juice requires 4 ingredients. The nicotine, usually varying in strengths from 0 to as much as 9%. The concentrated flavours, this can range from anything you have ever tasted or heard of such as bubble-gum, Oreo’s, ice cream etc. Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine as the suspension agents. Mixing together in the right ratios will yield a tasty vape juice that anyone can create and sell.

As of the emergence of this market, Ezi-action Drum Pumps have found themselves the superior pump for dispensing and transferring these 4 ingredients.

Suitable for high viscosity and food grade certified (important for vape juice) and affordable for anyone to start producing their own vape juice.

Custom Vapes and Papi Jos Vapes uses Ezi-action as their choice of pumps for all their dispensing.

If you need a pump for your vape juice business, contact our sales team on sales@handpump.co.za.