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What viscosity can be pumped

Ezi-action Drum Pumps unique patented design not only makes them the world’s only serviceable and leak free pump, but they are also capable of dispensing mediums with high viscosity.

To understand the function better, viscosity is essentially the resistance to flow. The higher viscosity, the higher the resistance, and the lower the viscosity, the least resistance to flow. Honey would be regarded as a high viscosity and water is regarded as low.

It is the friction per unit of area to make the substance flow. Applying colder temperatures will raise the viscosity and vice versa.

Many people associate viscosity with thickness as an informal classification or means of relation.

Viscosity is measured in centipoise (cP), formally measured by using a viscometer.

Ezi-action Drum Pumps will transfer fluids of up to 8800cP, which includes molasses, glycols, oils; coconut oils, motor oils, shampoo, cooking oils, aromatherapy oils, liquid soaps, gels and many more. Our pumps have also proven to dispense honey at 21 ?C (room temperature).

It is important to take into account the room temperatures and the resultant viscosity of the substance prior to dispensing. This will determine the capability of the pumps action to the viscosity of the fluid being transferred.